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The Roost Community

We are Roost Estate Agents

Roost Estate Agents stands out as a community-driven agency, actively engaging with local residents and supporting neighborhood initiatives, making them an ideal choice for those who value a strong sense of community in their property management. Moreover, Roost Estate Agents takes pride in their commitment to giving back, regularly donating s to charitable causes, making a positive impact beyond real estate transactions.

Supporting local communities is crucial to Roost because it preserves unique cultural identities, strengthens social connections, and fosters a sense of pride and belonging among residents, ultimately creating vibrant and sustainable environments for everyone to thrive in.

Supporting local schools with a donation of 200 jumpers

Back in July 2022, we teamed up with local school wear company Greenswear to pull together funds to help families struggling in North East Lincolnshire during the cost of living crisis.

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roost estate agents £1000 church donation

Donating to St. Andrews Church homeless shelter

We donated £1000 to a local homeless shelter, which was fighting to stay open during the winter months of 2021, helping the shelter pay it’s gas and electric bills.

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Looking out for our communities environment comes second nature…

Collaborating with local charities and communities goes beyond financial contributions and surface-level gestures. At Roost Estate Agents, we demonstrate our commitment by not only providing monetary support but also actively contributing to our local environment. We prioritise sustainability by incorporating electric vehicles into our operations where possible, effectively reducing our carbon footprint and promoting a greener future for all



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